VHT 008: Leilighetene




The world's tallest timber building

 As part of the ongoing web tv series documenting the construction of the world's tallest timber building, we hve now reached the fifth floor. In this episode we take a closer look at the assembly of the "power deck". Several precast concrete elements get welded together to make one single structure. This adds weight to the building, which in turn keeps vibration to a minimum. The poweredck also provides support for the next phase in the building process. 


Swire Seabed Excavator







FIilmtriks signs deal with VIZRT for 2015

Following yet another year with several productions delivered, Vizrt has extended their agreement with Filmtriks. The deal covers various content production and deliveries for 2015.  Vizrt, short for VisualiZation (in) Real Time, creates content production, management and distribution tools for the digital media industry. Its products include applications that create real-time 3D graphics and maps, visualized sports analysis, media asset management and single workflow solutions for the digital broadcast industry.

Vizrt has a customer base in more than 100 countries and some 600 employees distributed at 40 offices worldwide.


Fokus på Fasade


Estetiske hensyn og krav til brannsikkerhet krever helt spesielle vindusløsninger i Verdens Høyeste Trehus.  I denne episoden tar vi en prat med blikkenslager Sigurd Opheim AS